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Why do they lie?

Lies, damn lies, and AT&T reps

This comment by a FB friend on my post about leaving AT&T made me think. That wasn't the first time I heard lies from AT&T reps, especially retention reps. If I have to … More

of unlimited data.

AT&T doesn’t get it

I've been a pretty happy AT&T customer for many years. They've never been the cheapest (some MVNO, as of this writing), they've never been famous for their network (Verizon, … More

iPhone 5s vs 6+

The iPhone Six Plus

If you want a formal, professional, detailed review of Apple's new shiny just head to my favorite tech haunt, Ars Technica. This is a personal account. A long, long time ago my … More


The OMICS group strikes again

The OMICS group is still trolling for scientists to join their high-quality events. The latest is an invitation to Cosmetology 2014, a "Dermatology" conference where all of the … More


New spammy tactic by predatory publishers

The predatory publishers on Beall's List keep looking for scientists to spam. The newest tactic is a beauty - just connect to people on LinkedIn. I got the request this morning. … More


The ZTE Open with Firefox OS

I bought a phone!   Granted, it's not the latest and greatest. I even bought it used; it was less than $70 on a certain jungle-themed shopping website. I'll be doing … More